Event Recap: Betterment & Spotify

Earlier this month we hosted our 2nd #nobsmktg Meet Up at General Assembly with innovative marketing speakers from the tech space sharing learnings around how consumer data has played a significant role in their marketing strategies.

Samantha Ceppos, Senior Manager of Acquisition Marketing at Betterment kicked off the session reassuring the crowd that if you're looking to transfer your numbers background to marketing, there's a huge need for an analytical skill set in acquisition and performance marketing. Samantha gave us insight to the various marketing channels Betterment employs across the entire customer lifecycle and how they've been thinking through measuring cost per acquisition and customer worth. 

Some notable takeaways include:

  • Keep track of your growing list of competitors and reassess your strategies when pivoting to attract additional audiences
  • Don't be afraid to be ambitious! Compare yourself to your largest, most established competitors (as opposed to smaller/same-sized competitors) in your marketing and media tactics
  • As a startup product/brand there is a need to build credibility in everything you do - build a strong core brand identify and never lose sight of it in every touch point
  • Everyone on your content and support teams within the company should be well-versed in talking about the "why" for various client types - speak to the value of the product in each conversation

Although there are quite a lot of regulations in fi-tech, it's forcing Samantha and her team to actively seek out creative opportunities - including podcasts and referral programs. With so much activity, the Betterment marketing team is certainly growing and hiring (check out the last slide of her presentation for open positions)! 

Alexandra Tanguay, Global Brand Director at Spotify, and Jomar Perez, Lead Data Analyst at Spotify shared the stage to give us a glimpse at how their two departments collaborate to develop marketing ideas rooted in data, and how their vast pool of human insights gives Spotify a competitive advantage. Marketing ideas that engage the listeners like "Taste Rewind", "Year in Music" customize the experience for each individual and showcases data usage through the lens of creativity. The beneficial partnership allows the marketing team to hypothesize on new marketing ideas or concepts, and the data science department can help uncover data-driven truths to justify those executions.

Key takeaways include:

  • Diversify your marketing background to enhance career options. Alex mentioned her varied marketing positions in multiple verticals and that you shouldn't be afraid to try something new or even take a misstep - your background makes you attractive to employers and showing a variety of skillsets is valuable
  • Data drives PR too. Jomar's access to Spotify's database has led to informative collaborations with Bloomberg, NYTimes, FiveThirtyEight and more
  • Reward your loyal users. Spotify creates special/hidden VIP content that is accessible only by the loyal fans of specific artists, and gives users a sense of ownership with concepts like "Found Them First"
  • Production value isn't always #1. Many of these 'thank-the-fan' videos are recorded by the artists themselves, which is not only cost efficient but also adds to the genuine sentiments from the artists

Thanks again to all that joined us, and for the great questions and engaged conversations around these topics. Stay tuned for news on the next event!

Click here for the full presentations.